For the first time ever this morning, I've deleted a comment here concerning a post. This one related to Facebook, and the ownership of Threads and Instagram, and my prior well-known position that everyone should leave Facebook, which I stand by completely.

So, for the record:

There are VERY active conversations happening on Threads about Adam Mosseri's leadership of Threads, Zuckerberg's history, and long-standing issues with Facebook. No less than AOC, who was essentially an instant joiner to Threads, has participated in this discussion, and it is ongoing. We do not yet know how this will play out.

Threads is affirmatively not Facebook and is not being managed as such. I will not return to Facebook, ever, given its amplification of far right media and disinformation as a part of its algorithm.

For those who haven't joined Threads, there are no bots there, and the algorithm is one long firehose feed of posts. It is exceedingly left-leaning in bent right now-- Moms For Liberty was basically run off the platform yesterday-- with very prominent LGBTQ+ and BIPOC participation across the board. 50 million people have joined Threads since Wednesday, including pretty much all of my go-tos for analysis, politics and activism.

I am adopting a wait and see attitude on Threads given Adam Mosseri's leadership, and his active and ongoing responses to questions there, and will continue to do so. Also, I never left Instagram despite leaving Facebook entirely almost four years ago. I have curated Instagram very differently than I ever used Facebook, have never struggled with harassment, bots/trolls or disinformation there, and thankfully that curation has carried over quite pleasantly to Threads.

As a result of all of this, I'm going to ask you to not attack me in the comments here concerning my participation in Threads. There is a lot of curiosity about how Threads is going to shake out, and the outcome is unknown. We all have decisions to make about our participation. For some of us, those decisions are not just personal but also business related.

I look forward to ongoing discussion on this topic. That said, as always, I will not make room in the comments of my own newsletter or my own feeds for personal attacks. Thanks for the understanding.

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Jul 7Liked by Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

I am very happy to see you return. I took your advice and worked hard on a local issue last year; a group of wealthy folks tried to transform a public right of way with rails and a planned trail (partly underway) to a trail only, pulling out the rails. We defeated their plan with a 67% vote in favor of the rail plus trail. I'm looking to support a candidate in the district in which the leader of the take-over is running for re-election; she is wonderful. Your insistence that action relieves some of the political anxiety and that said action is best done local is spot on. Good luck in your continuing endeavors.

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